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Adjust and alter your photos with powerful editing features including contrast, spot repair and filters

Adjust and alter your photos with powerful editing features including contrast, spot repair and filters

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Program by: Nik Software


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Nik Software

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Edit pictures and videos using Snapseed.

If you're looking for a program that makes it seem like you're a professional photographer, then this is one that you want to download. There are almost 30 fun features with the app that will transform the pictures that you take so that they have a unique look. From elegance to changing the way that the people in the pictures appear in size and shape, you can do almost anything that you would do with a professional editing system.

Snapseed features a few details that you might not find with other editing programs. There is a healing feature that will take away every imperfection from the pictures and videos and make your health impeccable so that you appear as though you're a celebrity or that there is nothing wrong with your image. Brush makeup onto the face, or use a brush to add highlights and other details that transform the background and the way that the people look. Pictures can videos can be opened in various file formats, making it easy to download images that you want to use and share them once they are edited.

There is a stack feature that allows you to store images so that you can come back to work on them later. Crop the images to remove details, or rotate the pictures to get them just right before sharing. Colors can be adjusted so that they are brighter or so that they appear in black and white. You can add text to the pictures or a soft glow that illuminates specific details. There is so much fun that you can have using Snapseed that you can spend hours with the program.


  • Numerous fun editing features
  • Easy to use for the novice
  • Completely free


  • Could use sound effects

Edit pictures with the app before sharing them online.

This is an app that gives you a chance to do a little work with your pictures whether you're an amateur or if you professionally take pictures. You can change the contrast, highlights and other aspects of your pictures while adding words and filters to make them unique.